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Presented here is a selection of my work published outside of Mons Culturae Press.

Martin Locker, Landscapes of Pilgrimage in Medieval Britain (Archaeopress, 2015)

This book seeks to address the journeying context of pilgrimage within the landscapes of Medieval Britain. Using four case studies, an interdisciplinary methodology developed by the author is applied to four different geographical and cultural areas of Britain (Norfolk, Wiltshire/Hampshire, Flintshire/Denbighshire and Cornwall), to investigate the practicalities of travel along the Medieval road network including the routes themselves, accommodation, the built environments and natural topographies encountered.

An introduction, assessment of current theory and scholarship is provided, followed by an explanation of the methodology used. The four case studies are then presented (Ely to Walsingham, Salisbury to Winchester, St Asaph to Holywell, and Camelford to Bodmin). Within each case study, both the selected starting point for the pilgrimage (typically either a locale confirmed in the historical record as linked to the pilgrim destination, or a settlement of some significance within the local area and thus well connected to the route network), and the site of the saint cult itself are analysed for their growth, reaction and accommodation to the pilgrim phenomenon. Also addressed are the route networks of the county as a whole, relationships to economic centres and their impact on travel possibilities, the topography, the distribution patterns for saint dedications in parish churches within the area, material culture and the ecclesiastical built environment (for example pilgrim badges, monasteries), and the physical landscapes through which the pilgrim travels. Here, the interaction between the pilgrim and the environments through which they move is addressed. Considerations include fatigue, exertion, panoramas and way-finding, route visibility, sight lines to monuments, folklore within the landscape, and the potential echoing of Christian scriptural motifs within certain landscape types/features (e.g. wilderness and sanctuary).

Within the final section of the book these themes are compared and expanded into the broader context of pilgrimage not only in Medieval Christendom, but within Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic religious traditions, in order to demonstrate the methodology’s validity and flexibility in addressing pilgrimage holistically. Comparisons are made between the local and universal pilgrim routes in terms of material culture, landscape interaction and travel practicalities, and suggestions for future research and development of the pilgrim studies field are also provided.

292 pages; illustrated throughout in black & white. Available from https://archaeopress.com/

Martin Locker, The Medieval Austin Friary of Newport: Excavations at Friars Walk, Newport, Gwent in ‘The Monmouthshire Antiquary Volume XXV (2019-2020)’ (2021)

In this edition of the Monmouth Antiquary I provide an examination of the archaeological results from the 2014 excavations of the Medieval Friary at Newport (Wales), including contributions from C. Jarrett, K. Rielly, D. S. Young, P. J. Austin and K. Hayward, pp. 64 – 117. Available from http://www.monmouthshireantiquarianassociation.org/

Martin Locker. Prisms of the Oneiroi (Mount Abraxas Press, 2022)

A compendium of short stories focussing on surreal and dreamlike encounters with folklore, archaeology, artworks, texts and perfume. Hardback, 124 pages with illustrations, limited to 105 copies.

Also published are three additional stories in the format of 40cm x 99cm broadsheets with fine typography and illustrations.

Both are available from Mount Abraxas Press (exoccidente@gmail.com).

Martin Locker. Stones Beneath a White Star (Mount Abraxas Press, 2022)

The first full length novel. Hardback, 180+ pages with illustrations, limited to 126 copies.

Following the break-up of a neo-Cathar commune in the Ariege, three friends feel the call back to that region to pay homage to their time together. Aspects of heretical theology, Gnosticism, nostalgia, memory, folklore and the mysticism of art are explored alongside the story of each character in their new lives as the call back to the Languedoc takes hold, culminating in an ecstatic and esoteric travelogue. Influenced by the works of Lawrence Durrell, Henry Miller, Umberto Eco, Hermann Hesse, Donna Tartt and Otto Rahn.

Available from Mount Abraxas Press (exoccidente@gmail.com).

Martin Locker. Shards from the Starred Fortress (Mount Abraxas Press, 2023)

A Compendium of poetry, vignettes and short stories. Hardback, 125+ pages with photographs, limited to 125 copies.

Composed and collected across ten years, this selection of poems and short stories touches on folklore, myths and hidden lands. The volume is beautifully illustrated with photographs of various European landscapes.

Available from Mount Abraxas Press (exoccidente@gmail.com).

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