P Y R E : N U M E N creatively explores the folklore and genius loci of the Pyrenees through field recordings, samples and original pieces.

M O N S : N U M E N uses the same methods, but with regards to mountain cultures throughout the world, outside of the Pyrenees.

B R Y T H O : N U M E N delves into the landscapes and folk-cultures of Britain, in all their bucolic and sinister guises.

P Y R E : N U M E N – The Case for Witchcraft in Andorra (2019)


The first album from P Y R E : N U M E N is entitled ‘The Case for Witchcraft in Andorra’, and aims to represent Andorran witch-lore using the sites featured in legends. All field recordings have been recorded at these appropriate sites. This album is free to download here: <<The Case for Witchcraft in Andorra>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – The Hunt for Heresy (2019)

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 00.06.23.png

The second P Y R E : N U M E N album deals with the Cathar mythos within the Aude/Ariege, and the Pyrenees, both in terms of historical facts and the ensuing mythos. This album is entitled ‘The Hunt for Heresy’, and the guest reading of Lenau’s  ‘The Albigensians’ on ‘Esclarmonde Surveys the Ravaged Land’ is kindly performed by Amanda Radcliffe. Download here: <<<The Hunt for Heresy>>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – The Midwinter EP (2019)

Midwinter COVER


The final offering in this seasonal return is ‘The Midwinter EP’ – two tracks conjuring rural life and the atmosphere of winter in Andorra, replete with field recordings and the sounds of livestock. One can download here: <<<Midwinter EP>>>.

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. 1 – The Bearn (2019)

Ethnographic Archives Vol. 1 - The Bearn.png

A new venture within the P Y R E : N U M E N project, the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series seeks to present short collages of folksongs, dances and field recordings from individual cultural regions within the Pyrenees and beyond. The first instalment takes the listener to the Bearn region, where various chanted songs, reels and dances are represented. Free to download here: <<<The Ethnographic Archies Vol. 1 The Bearn>>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – A Human History of the Pyrenees (2020)

AHHotP Front Cover

Front Cover

AHHotP Back Cover

Back Cover

The first P Y R E : N U M E N album of 2020.

Using a wealth of sounds and samples from forges, livestock, Iron Age horns, 17th-century military marches, Medieval cansos, forests, millstones, carts, 20th-century political hymns, 1970’s Occitan protest folk songs, regional chants, charcoal burner documentaries and everything in between, ‘A Human History of the Pyrenees’ is the most complex P Y R E : N U M E N album to date, and tells the tale of the various cultures, histories and crises of the Pyrenees from the Palaeolithic to the current day. Based on the Chapters 1 & 2 of ‘The Tears of Pyrene’. Free to download, as always, here: <<<A Human History of the Pyrenees>>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Dead Winter Wassail EP (2020)

Dead Winter Wssail front cover

Front Cover

Dead Winter Wassail back cover

Back Cover

The second EP and second P Y R E : N U M E N release of 2020 is a slight departure to the normal geographical focus of the project (i.e. the Pyrenees), however it acts as a short tribute to the eerie and rural folklore of the project creator’s home, Britain, and is an experimental paean to that land. Free for download here: <<<Dead Winter Wassail EP>>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Masks, Mists & Mountains (2020)

Masks, Mists &amp; Mountains Front Cover

Masks, Mists &amp; Mountains Back Cover

With this release, the P Y R E : N U M E N project delves more deeply into dirges and darkness, with six pieces relating to various masked rites from the Pyrenees, Cantabria and northern Portugal. A more droning effort, the aim is to conjure a primordial sound, elevated by various ethnographic field recordings from both film and first-hand experience. Enter the mists, mountains, and masked rites here, for free as always:

<<< Masks, Mists & Mountains>>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. II – The Ariege (2020)

Ethnographic Archives Vol. II - The Ariege Cover

The second instalment in the mini-series of ‘Ethnographic Archives’ focusses on the Ariege, containing all manner of merriment and the somber primordial/medieval atmospheres of this mystical Pyrenean region. Free to download here: <<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. II – The Ariege >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. III – Andorra (2020)

Ethnographic Archives Vol. III - Andorra Cover

The third instalment in the mini-series of ‘Ethnographic Archives’ focusses on the mountain nation of Andorra. Combining field recordings of nature and livestock, plus the national hymn, sardanas, extracts from Radio Andorra, church bells and Giant dances, this is an homage to Andorra created in the compulsory isolation of the Plague: <<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. III – Andorra >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. IV – The Navarre (2020)

Ethnographic Archives Vol. IV. - The Navarre

The fourth instalment in the mini-series of ‘Ethnographic Archives’ brings you to the Navarre region, home of numerous noble French and Spanish houses, monasteries and the introductory Spanish section of the infamous pilgrimage route the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Appropriately this track is built around a Medieval spine, around which weaves a series of folk songs, field recordings and ambient soundscapes. Download here: <<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. IV – The Navarre >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. V – The Val d’Aran (2020)

Ethnographic Archives Vol. V. - Val d'Aran

Integral to the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ is that of language, dialect and patois. Thus is Aranese mixed among the folk songs, folk dances, rural ambiences and hymns mixed amongst this archive… download for free here: <<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. V – Val d’Aran >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – A Hymn to Rural Wessex (Single, 2020)

A Hymn to Rural Wessex

Nothing more than a hymnal to my own nostalgia of my dear Wessex, combining rural wisdom and traditions with ambient paeons. Feel free to ignore or download here: <<< A Hymn to Rural Wessex >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – The Pamirs (2020)

The Pamirs Cover

M O N S : N U M E N was launched in 2020 to sonically expand beyond the borders of the Pyrenees, and in its own small way preserve/conserve the various folk traditions and music of various mountain cultures around the world. This being the inaugural release of M O N S : N U M E N, we present a single track thirty minute piece that takes you to the remote mountains of the Pamirs, a complex region that spans from Afghanistan through to the Himalayas, historically including Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Islamic cultures, lush valleys, barren mountainsides and all the various peoples that live therein. Free to download here: <<< Pamirs >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – The Himalayas Vol. I – Nepal (2020)


With this release you are taken to the lush valleys, temples and villages of Nepal. Featuring various local processions, folk songs, chanting monks and the sounds of Nepalese nature, this will transport you to that remote mountain kingdom, a verdant jewel in the Himalayas. Free to download here: <<< Himalayas Vol. 1 – Nepal >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – The Himalayas Vol. II – Tibet (2020)


In this, the ‘Himalayas Vol. II’ work, MONS:NUMEN escorts you into the monasteries and mountains of Tibet, far from the modern world. Crashing symbols, blaring horns, chants, droning synths and Tibetan folk songs take you far away into this ancient mountain land to a worldly Shambhala, where prayer wheels turn daily and prayer flags flutter in the winds that blow from Mount Kailash. Download here: <<< HIMALAYAS VOL. II – TIBET >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Appalachia (2020)


Turning our attention West, we move to the Appalachians, home of bluegrass, zithers, stills and mines. With this MONS:NUMEN episode you will hear countless pieces of Appalachian music, interviews with locals about moonshining and hard lives lived hard and even a old union song. Come visit this fascinating region, which stretches from the Great Smokies to the Blue Ridge: <<< Appalachia >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Altai (2020)


Straight from the Steppes and Altai mountains, this instalment features a great deal of throat singing, various traditional songs and explanations of traditional Altai cosmology. Download here: <<< Altai >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Alps (2020)


Enjoy the pastures and peaks of the Alps with this episode, where you can hear vanishing dialects, soft yodels, traditional customs and the ever present clanging of bells (with the lowing of cattle). Who knows how long this way of life will last? Download here :<<< Alps >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Urals (2020)


A far more primal affair, this issue focuses on the Urals and in particular their shamanic cultures. Hear the beating of drums, cries on the wind, explanations (in Russian and local dialects) of cosmologies within the Urals and various traditional musics here:
<<< Urals >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Carpathians (2020)


We turn West, to the misty and verdant Carpathians, where you can hear tales of surviving traditions, uplifting voices, sounds of rural life and strong peasant culture. Not a vampire reference in sight, thankfully! Download here: <<< Carpathians >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Atlas Mountains (Berbers) (2020)


Journeying South, we venture into the Atlas Mountains, to meet the fascinating Berber peoples. Here you will find, beside the river, the sounds of the Ginbri, pentatonic singing, hymns to loves lost and the thrills of tribal lives. Download here: <<< Atlas Mountains (Berbers) >>>

M O N S : N U M E N – Anatolia (Alevis & Yoruks) (2020)


The final instalment (for now) of the MONS:NUMEN project deposits you deep in the Anatolian mountains, where you will meet the nomadic Yoruk peoples, and discover Alevi devotional music. Embrace tales of Yoruk culture, Sufi-influenced ritual celebrations, processions and the sounds of a persecuted and vanishing culture here:
<<< Anatolia (Alevis & Yoruks) >>>

B R Y T H O : N U M E N – Rural Rides (2020)

Rural Rides Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Rural Rides Back Cover

(Back Cover)

B R Y T H O : N U M E N was formed to explore the particular subject of Britain, its landscapes and vanishing traditions. In ‘Rural Rides’ you will encounter a more bucolic affair, narrated with various British Film Archive episodes from the early to mid-twentieth century, where harvest festivals, native industries and rural life still held sway of large amounts of the population. Retreat to rolling fields, Medieval market towns and hedgerow-enclosed farms here: <<< Rural Rides >>>

B R Y T H O : N U M E N – Beating the Bounds (Folk Horror) (2020)

Beating the Bounds Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Beating the Bounds Back Cover

(Back Cover)

With this release B R Y T H O : N U M E N delves into the ‘folk horror’ landscapes of Britain, the eerie moorlands, misty forests and strange archaic traditions that march around villages, masked and horned. Featuring samples from various classic films, televised horrors, public safety films from the 1970’s (more sinister than you would guess) and even the voice of Algernon Blackwood, this will plunge you into the unsettling aspect of Old Weird Albion. Download here: <<< Beating the Bounds (Folk Horror) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Industrial Catharism EP (2020)

Industrial Catharism Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Industrial Catharism Back Cover

(Back Cover)

P Y R E : N U M E N returns with an experiment noisy foray into the modern Cathar mythos. Featuring readings from the works of contemporary Cathar luminaries such as  Otto Rahn and his mentor Antonin Gadal, this EP attempts to present the atmosphere of sacred Cathar sites in the current climate, via grating synthesisers and marching rhythms. Will you find the Grail? Download here: <<< Industrial Catharism >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N  – The Black Stone Betwixt Two Rennes

Between Two Rennes front cover

(Front Cover)

Between Two Rennes back cover

(Back Cover)

With this album P Y R E : N U M E N shifts its focus to personal encounters and the mysterious figures at Rennes-le-Chateau and Rennes-ses-Bains, twinned sites in the Aude that have long been the focus of investigation. Their mythos ties into Pyrenean Grail elements, as well as far reaching theories linked to a regional regarding Mary Magdalene and Pech-le-Cardou, alleged tomb of Christ, that towers above Rennes-les-Bains. All tracks are simply impressions from visits, aiming to express the inexpressible atmosphere of these two locales, one gazing down upon the other, beyond which the mountains stretch away. Samples include readings from ‘The True Celtic Language and the Stone Circles of Rennes-les-Bains by Abbe Boudet, a local geological rumour imparted to me by a reliable source, and interviews regarding the activities of both Boudet and the illusive Abbe Sauniere, as well as the words of Henry Lincoln. The front cover is the map of sacred sites from Boudet’s magnum opus, quoted in the album. Enter this realm of sacred Pyrenean geometry here: <<< The Black Rock Betwixt Two Rennes >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. VI – Labourd

Ethnographic Archives Vol. VI - Labourd

The sixth issue in the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series takes you up to the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, to the historical region of Labourd, which blends French and Basque influences into a unique coastal combination. Stirring hymns of regional pride, dances, folk songs and the sound of the sea greet you when you download <<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. VI – Labourd >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Beneath the Stars, Watching Over the Corral (Single, 2020)

Beneath the Stars, Watching Oer the Corral (cover)

P Y R E : N U M E N presents a single, droning track that aims to portray the experience of being out in the pastures of the Pyrenees at night, beneath stars, in the form of a shepherd watching over his corralled flock. Experience the majesty of the Pyrenean night sky here: <<< Beneath the Stars, Watching Over the Corral >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. VII – Bielsa (Carnaval) (2020)


In the seventh instalment of the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series, P Y R E : N U M E N introduces you to the village of Bielsa in Huesca (Aragon) during its infamous ‘carnaval’, where men in dressed as archaic bears roam the streets with staffs and bells, faces blackened with oil, accosting locals and causing mayhem. The audio draws you through the process of ‘carnaval’ preparation, the various acts of chaos by the players, an explanation of the significance of the costumes, and finally a joyous local dance, to finish on a positive note. Immerse yourself in this centuries-old tradition here:
<<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. VII – Bielsa (Carnaval) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. VIII – Euskadi (2020)


In this, the eighth instalment of the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series, we journey to the Basque Country, ‘Euskadi’. Through beech woodlands, to the sounds of the  Txalaparta and the woodcutter’s axe, to hymns to the Basque country, winding through dances and 1970’s interpreted folk songs, you can visit this archaic region of the Pyrenees here:
<<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. VIII – Euskadi >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. IX – Catalunya (2020)


The penultimate issue in the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series takes place in Catalunya, a long contested land. Catalan farmers and explanations of traditional costumes are interwoven with local bagpipes, ‘Sardanas’ and other exuberant dances, and finally a rousing recent rendition of the Catalan anthem ‘Els Segadors’. Free to download here:
<<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. IX – Catalunya >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Ethnographic Archives Series: Vol. X – Cerdagne & Roussillon (2020)


The final instalment in the ‘Ethnographic Archives’ series travels to both the Cerdagne and Roussillon, collectively known as the ‘Pays Catalan’. Combining introductions to castles, local dances, tourism narratives and a rousing hymn, this concludes the audial journey around the various regions of the Pyrenees. Thank you travelling. Free to download, as ever, here:
<<< Ethnographic Archives Vol. X – Cerdagne & Roussillon (Pays Catalan) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Pyrenean Cultures Matter (EP) (2020)

Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Back Cover

(Back Cover)

This EP is simply a dual attempt to recognise that many intrinsically valuable historical cultures exist within the Pyrenees, much of which are terribly old and rooted within the mountains and valleys of this region; plus there isn’t anything wrong with a bit of experimental 1990’s backtracking. To be fair, it might work, it might not – this is an experiment. <<< Pyrenean Cultures Matter (EP) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Midsummer’s Eve/Midsummer’s Morn (2020)

Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Back Cover

(Back Cover)

Dedicated to Midsummer and the following festivities of San Joan/Sant Joan/Saint Jean, this album takes the listener from the descending dusk, into the fires and frenzies of rural celebrations, and through into the dawn of the following morning. Drones, drums, pastoral airs and guitars combine in an attempt to conjure the atmosphere of this very special time in the Pyrenees. Free to download here:
<<< Midsummer’s Eve:Midsummer’s Morn  >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Count Estruch (EP) (2020)

Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Back Cover

(Back Cover)

With this thirty minute EP, PYRE:NUMEN delves into the legend of Pyrenean vampire Count Estruch from Llers (Catalunya), the only tale of its type from the Pyrenees and reputed to be one of the oldest in Europe. After leading a life of sin he became undead, stalking the local villages of Alt Emporda, sucking blood and impregnating village girls, whose babies would be stillborn. Bells, rain, brooding atmospheres, shrieks and a dark rhythm make up this experiment. Earphones/headphones are recommended for the fully immersive experience. Free to download (if you dare) here:
<<< Count Estruch (EP) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – An Aural Ethnography of European Transhumance (EP) (2020)


In preparation for the forthcoming publication by Mons Culturae Press, ‘Borderlands: Traditional Industries of the Pyrenees’, an EP is being created for each chapter as it is completed, expanding out from the Pyrenees to Europe as a whole. This inaugural offering is based on the chapter which focusses on pastoralism and contains a variety of songs, sounds and interviews which range from Portugal to the Pyrenees, France to Romania, and aims to conjure the pastoral life in sonic form. Free to download here:
<<< An Aural Ethnography of European Transhumance (EP) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – An Aural Ethnography of European Hunters (EP ) (2020)


The second in this mini-series related to the forthcoming ‘Borderlands’ book revolves arounds the practise of hunting, both peasant and aristocratic…. featuring multiple horns (including Wagner, of course), chants, interviews and even a Medieval Armenian hunting motif, prepare to throw yourself into the chase! Available here:
<<< An Aural Ethnography of European Hunters (EP) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – An Aural Ethnography of European Woodsmen (EP) (2020)


Here we present in the mini-series an ‘homage’ to the various woodcutters and charcoal burners of Europe, truly liminal figures who traditionally would spend months together in the woodlands practising their trade. You will find acapella, folk and chant songs, mixed in with interviews of current woodsmen…a disappearing world. Free to download here: <<< An Aural Ethnography of European Woodsmen (EP) >>>

P Y R E : N U M E N – Unravel [Bjork cover/homage] (2020)


I always loved this song, one of the most romantic songs I ever heard. So I decided to turn it towards the Pyrenees. Dedicated to V///A. Download here for free as always:
<<< Unravel [cover single]  >>>



(Front Cover)

Back Cover

(Back Cover)

MONS:NUMEN is back. Alevis and Alawites are two ‘minority’ belief sects/ethnic communities within the mountains of Syria and Turkey. Both have very archaic origins, and both share a heritage of beautiful sounds and rituals. Immerse yourselves in them here. Featuring an introductory narration by a genuine practitioner, crafted specifically for this release.
Download here: <<<  Alevi Alawite Alliance >>>


Front Cover

(Front Cover)

Part One Cover

(Part One Cover)

Part Two Cover

(Part Two Cover)

Part Three Cover

(Part Three Cover)

This marks the first foray into ‘audiobook’ or ‘radio play’ territory for PYRE:NUMEN. Extracts from archaeologist and poet Otto Rahn’s legendary ‘Lucifer’s Court’ surrounding the Pyrenees, Germany, the Tyrol and Iceland are set against a backdrop of effects, samples and original compositions, all aimed at conjuring the places discussed. Beware, this mammoth effort clocks in at three and a half hours long, so sit back and relax, it will take some time! Download here: <<< Lucifer’s Court [Extracts] >>>


Catalunya has been simmering for a while now, it’s important to highlight that one cannot trust everyone, especially those who claim to act in your best interest. No skin in the game but, think for yourselves, preserve your culture, defy those who wish to destroy you from within.

P Y R E : N U M E N – C A T H A R : W A V E (2020)

Here’s something I never thought I would do. If you were on of the few who didn’t hate ‘witch house’ then you may enjoy the new genre ‘c a t h a r w a v e’, set against troubadour songs and the chirruping cicadas of the Ariege:

B R Y T H O : N U M E N – Lying Prostrate in the Witch’s Clover [EP]

BRYTHO:NUMEN is back, with the encircling mists and rains of Autumn. Just over 20 minutes of collage featuring Sherlock Holmes (the real one, played by Brett), dark 60’s pysche and Algernon Blackwood, supported by undulating eerie drones.

P Y R E : N U M E N – C A T H A R W A V E 2 (2020)

Well it seems c a t h a r w a v e is now a thing, thus the second instalment. Try to enjoy witch house beats with troubadour songs, or skip to the next album.

P Y R E : N U M E N – C A T H A R W A V E 3 (2020)

Here is the final in the c a t h a r w a v e trilogy, I’ve probably pushed this (highly) limited ‘genre’ as far as it can be pushed. Anyway, enjoy this nocturnal offering of organs, vocal dirges and mildly narcotic rhythms here:


Here we have an homage to the village idiot, who we once laughed at and who now laughs back at us. A cyclic melody, punctuated with various samples of rural life and classic English cinema. Who laughs last? Find out. Dedicated to Gerald Locker, in his last weeks.


Not a sympathy post but a commemoration of a good chap who always supported the project, and who embodied the ‘born to lose, live to win’ philosophy. Farewell mate.

P Y R E : N U M E N – A Crown of Ice, A Shivering Bough (2020)

(Front Cover)
(Back Cover)

As Winter once again approaches, PYRE:NUMEN makes its first foray into glacial synth work, delving into subjects from Catalan and Basque folklore, frozen atmospheres and sounds of wintery nature, complete with ethnographic recordings from the Pyrenees. The first full album in a while, ushering in the time of coldness. Free to download here:

P Y R E : N U M E N – Winter Ghosts [EP]

(Front Cover)
(Back Cover)

In this offering, PYRE:NUMEN presents a specially recorded EP for Samhain and the thinning of the veil. Vocals and ‘lyrics’ by yours truly, mixed with sampled EVP recordings, wailing winds and eerie electronica. Be careful not to look, you may just see them, beyond the shift.

P Y R E : N U M E N – An Aural Ethnography of European Miners & Blacksmiths (EP ) (2020)

As the penultimate chapter in the ‘Borderlands’ book nears fruition, another accompanying EP from PYRE:NUMEN celebrates the various activities, songs and folklore of the subject in question; in this case, the miners, forgers and blacksmiths of the Pyrenees, and within the EP Europe at large. Grab your irons, and smudge thy faces, the forges are alight!

B R Y T H O : N U M E N // N A W I Z – A Christmas Mummer’s Dying Heart (2020) [single]

The first collaboration of the NUMENs occurs with my friend NAWIZ to create…. Industrial-Folk? Death Mumming? Who knows! In this single, a Gaudete is followed by industrial rhythms that accompany Steeleye-Span’s only mumming play, rounded off by a modulated piece by Coil. Ware the Mummer and his demand for ale!


(Front Cover)
(Back Cover)

The final offering for 2020, ‘The Whisper of the Brumal Wheel’ is comprised of two shorter tracks which surround the main, lengthy piece. Featuring field recordings of gates, creaking mills, crunching snow, crows, livestock and a Bearnese shepherd recounting his memories, this EP is an homage to the deep rural winter that settles upon the Pyrenees, and gradually lifts with the advent of Spring.

P Y R E : N U M E N – An Aural Ethnography of European Smugglers and Exiles (EP ) (2021)

The first release of 2021 (recorded in 2020) and the last in the ‘Aural Ethnography’ series that pre-empts the forthcoming ‘Borderlands’ book deals with smuggling in the Pyrenees, both of goods and people. Interviews, political chants, protest songs and field recordings are woven with electronic ambience to conjure the shadowy world of the Pyrenean contrabandista. Shoulder your burdens, and ‘ware the eagle eyes of customs officials!


[Front Cover]

[Back Cover]

The first freshly recorded album for 2021 sees the return of BRYTHO:NUMEN with ‘The Duske Rouning’. A diet of eerie English fiction resulted in this; 5 quiet tracks of unsettling ambience set in Wessex and Shropshire. Among the rustling leaves and tweeting birds lies a creeping presence, and a one-off visual style.

M O N S : N U M E N – Orientalism [EP] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN returns for 2021 with the ‘Orientalism’ EP. Two tracks based on the Arabic souk and the Mughal courtyard, carefully constructed from self-made loops cut from vintage recordings, layered and modified to create a dreamlike atmosphere based on 19th century travels in these environments. Undoubtably the most complex effort for MONS:NUMEN to date. Inhale the scents of sand and sandalwood, and voyage with your mind!

P Y R E : N U M E NThe Dreaming Path [single] (2021)

An unintended single (trying to keep to a minimum this year), based on a recurring dream in the Andorran landscape. For the past six months I have had a dream in which I keep trying to reach a pasture which I have previously found (in the dream) but can never remember the exact path to, which follows a stream through the woodlands up into an alp. There is always the same melody playing, and finally I had this dream close enough to waking to recall it. Welcome to some Andorran psycho-geography.

P Y R E : N U M E NAndorra Amagada [EP] (2021)

This offering is composed largely of field recordings taken in natural contexts around Andorra between 2017 and 2021, in hidden pastures, woodlands and caves, beside lakes and both underground/overground streams. A slight evolving drone accompanies these sounds of nature. Cattle, hounds and birds also call to you across the valleys and forests. In the words of Dorothy Lewis, ‘Words, words words… you may as well listen to the birds.’ Assembled on Ostara’s eve, MMXXI.

M O N S : N U M E N – Liechtenstein [EP] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN transports you to the Alpine principality of Liechtenstein, a landlocked realm in the Upper Rhine valley bordered by Austria and Switzerland. Despite its size, it has a wealth of history and traditions, and in this twenty-minute tribute you will encounter the flaming Funken at Essen, the Alpabfahrt (when the cattle move down from the summer pastures through the towns and villages )and the Fasnacht celebrations. All of these are woven among traditional songs, stirring anthems and looped atmospheres; all this within only 160 square kilometres – ‘En Guete!’

M O N S : N U M E N – Vosges [EP] (2021)

This week we travel to the forested hills and mountains of the Vosges in eastern France, bordering with Germany. A verdant land filled with wooden chalets, woodcutters, lakes, castle ruins, hearty cuisine and, lying as it does in the Alsace region, a dialect influenced by Alemannic German. There was (or is?) even an old Celtic god of hunting worshipped in this area around the Mount Donon, known as ‘Vosegus’ in Latin. Here you will hear the sounds of the forests, the traditional ‘epinette de Vosges’, leg slapping reels and the old inhabitants talking of traditional life. G’sundheit!

P Y R E : N U M E NThe Complete Known Works of Herbert Bunter (2021)

PYRE:NUMEN presents: The Complete Known Works of Herbert Bunter:

‘BBC sound engineer and composer Herbert Bunter died after being hit by a car outside his home on the 17th August, 1971. He had recently returned from a three month stay in the Pyrenees (particularly the Ariege) where he had collected field recordings and inspiration to complete the main motifs for the (later cancelled) children’s television series ‘Troubadour’s Test’, whose story was set around Montsegur. Within his diary, he hints at having purchased a remarkable manuscript in Foix, and having then been followed to London, where he would meet his death. Thanks to his only surviving relative, Hillary Bunter, both the pieces recorded for submission to the series’ creators and a collection of miscellaneous recordings, as well as all documents relating to this affair, are finally made publicly available via PYRE:NUMEN. The ‘Lost Tape’ contains those pieces Herbert wished to submit. The miscellaneous collection includes motifs recorded and rejected by Herbert, the sole recording of his time with the short-lived 1969 group ‘Uncle Clegg’s Tuck Shop’ (the band would collapse after six months), a rejected Public Information Film piece, a short recital on Montsegur and two draft recordings of a planned Tolkien concept album. Documents include scans from his travel diary, a letter and series plot synopsis from the BBC, obituary, and letter from the Bunter estate. All these are now restored and available to the public for the first time since their creation. The only interview with his mother, fifteen years after her son’s death, is also included, which explores some of the theories regarding his ‘accident’. The full transcript of the diary may be made available at a later date.’

M O N S : N U M E N – Alps Vol. II [Brauchtum] [EP] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN returns to the Alps, exploring some of the masked rites and traditions that occur through the Alpine year, especially around the mysteries of the Perchtenlaufe and Rauhnacht. Threaded together by a narration sampled from both a Styrian documentary on this subject and interviews of traditional Alpine life, we find a variety of songs from the across the region and sounds of these traditions being enacted, glued together with sample loops and atmospheric ambience… Enjoy the wild nights and winsome pastures… Prost!

M O N S : N U M E N – кукери [Kukeri] [EP] (2021)

In this latest EP, MONS:NUMEN focusses on the Bulgarian ‘Kukeri’ tradition, an archaic practice in which masked men dance and shudder their bells to scare away evil spirits around the new Year period and during Lent. The origins of the Kukeri are debated, with some suggesting links to the Thracian Dionysius cult, and others positing that they relate to either the proto-Slavic term for ‘chaser of evil spirits’, or the pre-Slavonic deity ‘Kuk’. Their costumes include animal masks, hides, traditional Bulgarian woven patterns and other elaborations, always with livestock bells around their waists, and they are said to bring good fortune and bountiful harvests. There can be no doubt that this tradition’s origins are as primordial as they are tangled within the tapestry of histories that intermesh around the region. наздраве!

(For more information on the Kukeri, see the unpublished PhD thesis: Bakalova, Kalina, ‘Kukeri: Ritual Performances in Bulgaria’ (Athens, GA: University of Georgia, PhD diss., 2009).)

P Y R E : N U M E NMemories and Mysteries of the Cagots (2021)

Walpurgisnacht is on its way, a mysterious time indeed! Equally mysterious is the phenomenon of the ‘Cagots’, present throughout France and especially in the Pyrenees (on both sides of the modern border). Forced to wear badges of goose’s feet, despised and feared yet valued for their skill in woodworking, and whose origins are theories to lie in everything from Neolithic exiles, rogue cathars, moorish deserters, a once-powerful woodworking guild and even in the realms of the supernatural, these people existed at the margins of Pyrenean society yet endured for centuries. In this EP, PYRE:NUMEN explores some of the attributes, memories and origins of the Cagots, placed against a pastoral backdrop.

M O N S : N U M E N – A Passage Through The Caucasus [Part I] (2021)

This time MONS:NUMEN transports you to the mountains, plains and rivers of the Caucasus, a mysterious land with over fifty different cultures inhabiting its various countries and landscapes. Encounter traditional songs from Armenia, Georgia, Ossetia, the Tartars and the Vainakh, all woven, chopped and aligned to place you within the Caucasus towers, villages and forests, where some of the oldest mythologies originate!

M O N S : N U M E N – A Passage Through The Caucasus [Part II] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN returns for the second and final time (for now) to the Caucasus, land of a thousand myths including the Nart saga, some of whose tales are found in this recording alongside martial and marital songs, explanations of how songs sound different when sung in the mountain or forest and sounds of elders singing in their villages.

M O N S : N U M E N – Alps Vol. III [Mythen] [EP] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN returns to the Alps, bringing you a selection of Alpine myths and legends from the region (in German). These are set against a unique backdrop composed of field recordings and traditional sounds, mixed in which extracts and loops from the likes of Popol Vuh and Walter Wegmuller, creating an eccentric blend indeed! But, one which hopefully brings out the mysteries and dynamism of these stories and Alpine folk-culture.

M O N S : N U M E N – Seven Demons [East] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN presents ‘Seven Demons [East]’, a series of pieces that explores seven demonic figures from the folklores of the Far and Middle East. Nestled among the various manipulated loops and samples of traditional musics from these various cultures you will find recordings of cultural-appropriate exorcisms, summoning and banishing ceremonies and tales relating to these various malevolent entities. Also included are the full set of seven sample videos created by Hsein Sleiman to illustrate the creatures and the atmospheres conjured by the songs.

M O N S : N U M E N – Seven Demons [West] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN turns back to Europe and presents ‘Seven Demons [West]’, a series of pieces that explores seven demonic figures from the folklores of Western and Eastern Europe. Much as with [East] you will find some uneasy listening through the whispers of ghouls, ghosts and malefic encounters, set against manipulated folk musics and unsettling soundscapes. Travel from fields and ruined castles to midnight beaches and lonely villages where fear is ever present. Also included are the full set of seven sample videos created by Hsein Sleiman to illustrate the creatures and the atmospheres conjured by the songs.

M O N S : N U M E N – Norge [Folkeeventyr] (2021)

We journey for the next three weeks to the north, dwelling among rugged coastlines, forests, mountains and marshes for a MONS:NUMEN Scandinavian trilogy. Our first stop is along the fog-laden fjordscape of Norway, where you will hear a selection of Norwegian folk tales (in Norsk), accompanied by local folk songs, ambient interludes and glitched samples… with nary a viking to be found, Nyt!

M O N S : N U M E N – Svenska [Folksägner] (2021)

MONS:NUMEN’s second stop in this Scandinavian tour is Sweden, with its rolling hills and mountains, ancient forests and granite Baltic coast. A variety of superstitions and folk tales from across the country are set against a mixture of traditional and slightly entheogenic sounds, from wheezing harmoniums and fiddles to ‘folktronica’. Njuta av!

B R Y T H O : N U M E NThe Companie of the Hidden Crone: Archival Recordings [1970 – 2021]

M O N S : N U M E N – Suomi [Kansantarut & Loitsurunot] (2021)

With MONS:NUMEN, our final leg on the Scandinavian tour takes us to the endless forests and lakes of Finland, home of great legends and magic. In this offering you will hear large excerpts of the Kalevala, that great Finnish epic, together with ambient soundscapes, spliced folk instruments and a selection of ‘Loitsurunot’. These are folk spells spoken for various purposes and they were kindly recited from Finnish sources specifically for this release by Konstantin Tuonihovi, Carita Hannikainen and Annamaija Ruuttunen, several of which were sourced by Jon Hällström. My deepest thanks to these fine Finns for participating and giving authenticity to this recording, closing these Scandinavian series out in style! Kiitos!

M O N S : N U M E N – BAYERN [psychedelische volksweisen] (2021)

If the (admittedly niche) combination of the sounds of Bavarian folk traditions, spoken Bavarian legends and samples from German 1970’s krautrock/pyschadelia/electronica is your cup of tea then rejoice! MONS:NUMEN brings you ‘BAYERN [psychedelische volksweisen]’ in which all these aspects are present, including loops from Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, Amon Duul II, Darkness, Gila, Sparifankal and Faust… Enjoy the trip!

P Y R E : N U M E NHerbert Bunter: The Complete Middle-Earth Sessions [1970 – 1971] (2021)

Another excavation from the Herbert Bunter estate? But of course, it’s too much fun to give up. The ‘legendary Tolkien sessions’ are here; embrace around 90 minutes of seventies-style synthesised Middle-Earth adventure. Letter scans included in the download. Now for the official blurb:

‘PYRE:NUMEN presents the posthumous release of ‘Herbert Bunter: The Complete Middle-Earth Sessions [1970 – 1971]’. The rumours of the Tolkien trilogy were true; for three decades the first half (i.e. Books 1 – 3) of the planned Lord of the Rings synthscape trilogy have been lingering in Herbert’s colleague’s cottage, thankfully copied to cassette from the master tapes before the great English floods of 1991. Through happenstance they have arrived at the Perennial Pyrenees HQ accompanied by a letter (scanned) and after digitising them PYRE:NUMEN is pleased to offer them (with permission) for your edification. The story covered in ‘To Follow a Fellowship’ and ‘By Root, Stone & Sword’ takes you from Bilbo’s birthday bash in the Shire to Gandalf’s ride to Minas Tirith following Isengard’s destruction by the Ents. Journey forth, a #MoogHobbitSummer awaits you!’

B R Y T H O : N U M E NThe Wessex Mistery Transmissions [1990]

For this ‘BRYTHO:NUMEN PRESENTS’ outing we return to the concept of Para-Albion, courtesy of a rural agrarian commune from the 1990’s, the Wessex Mistery. Included in the download are three EPs on tape by three different projects complete with printable tape covers and a 19-page exemplar issue of the Wessex Mistery zine. Now for the ‘official story’:

‘Between the late 1980s and early 1990s the Wessex Mistery existed as an agrarian commune near Avebury in Wiltshire, focussed on reviving traditional farming techniques, folk practises and rustic crafts in Wessex. They were also the hub of a thriving experimental folk music scene, and in 1990 three affiliated projects produced an EP each available for purchase only from the Wessex Mistery and their headquarters, Crickledale Farm. ‘Dark Shepherd’s Dale’ (Dartmoor) offered rural curses and sinister folklore through dark doomed ambient noise, ‘Harvest Hare’ (Cotswolds) described agrarian life through organic electronica and looped songs from yesteryear, and ‘Wyvern’s Crown’ (Winchester) created acoustic Wessex neo-yeomanry. The Wessex Mistery also produced a quarterly DIY-style zine, called ‘The Hedgerow Chorus’ which detailed Mistery updates/event announcements, poetry by affiliates and articles on folklore/rural crafts. Recently discovered in the cottage of an ageing affiliate (now a carpenter in Yatesbury), these three tapes and a single issue of ‘The Hedgerow Chorus’ (Spring, 1990) have been rescued and digitised for posterity, preserving a unique experiment in rural communal living. Spread the word, the Wyvern lives!’

P Y R E : N U M E NContes et Chantes du Pays d’Oc (2021)

PYRE:NUMEN returns to the magnificent and mysterious land of Occitania, where the ‘Oc’ language has enjoyed a history rich in poetry, peasantry and repression. Stretching (variously) from the Pyrenees across the south of France, Occitania was a cradle of Medieval culture, heresy and artistic endeavour until its suppression by the Romane Church, however it’s peasant culture remained and remains firmly rooted in its mountains, plains and fields. In this offering is a selection of vintage recordings in the ‘langue d’oc’ encompassing various Occitan dialects from the Pyrenees and further afield in songs and recollections. Gausir!

P Y R E : N U M E NEntheogenic Catharism [Swallowing Sabarthès Stars] (2021)

PYRE:NUMEN continues the ‘Cathar’ mini-series started last year (‘Industrial Catharism’) with ‘Entheogenic Catharism’. This miasmic blend of medieval textures and ambient swirls that aim to create the atmosphere of sacred intoxication within the otherworldly landscapes of cathar castles, pleasant pastures and fortified cities under a summer night’s sky. You may even recognise some aspects of the very first PYRE:NUMEN album in there, altered and distorted for maximum effect and to tie back into the magical landscapes of the region in general. There is a theory that intoxicants were used and represented in early Christian art, contributing to various visions and experiences, could this also have occurred with the wandering Parfaits, with locally growing plants and funghi? Who knows, but it makes for a good ‘artistic’ angle!

P Y R E : N U M E NTranscendental Catharism [Golden Grail Gateway] (2021)

The Cathar mini-series concludes with ‘Transcendental Catharism’. Within this half-hour journey to the heavens we find harps, organic drones, choirs and even a brief extract of Brian Blessed as a Cathar Parfait explaining the Cathar belief. The final ten minutes are particularly devotional; may they transport you from the profane world to that of the sublime spirit amid the backdrop of Languedoc pastures.

P Y R E : N U M E NPyrenean Chthonic Communion [EP] (2021)

With ‘Pyrenean Chthonic Communion’ we turn from the heavens to the caverns of the Pyrenees. Deep within the subterranean depths of the Pyrenees people have painted spirits and animals, fashioned votive figures, conducted heretical rites and sheltered from all manner of enemies, both natural and man-made. With this EP, PYRE:NUMEN plunges you deep into the cavernous hollows and chthonic halls that form the inverse of the mountainous peaks, where strange communions with the otherworld(s) have been conducted for millennia.

P Y R E : N U M E NEntre La Croix Et La Hachette (2021)

With ‘Entre La Croix Et La Hachette’, PYRE:NUMEN takes you back in time to Pyrenean Vichy France where the Milice and the French Resistance vie for survival amid picturesque towns and villages, parades and fields. Taking inspiration (and offering a humble homage) to the likes of Les Joyaux de la Princesse and early Der Blutharsch, this album conjures the fear and fanfare of this turbulent time, amid samples of processions, speeches and period songs set against brooding dark and martial ambient soundscapes. It shouldn’t need to be said, but just in case, this is not an endorsement of anything, merely a tribute to the artists mentioned above, and the endless war memorials and unmarked graves that derive from this historical chapter.

M O N S : N U M E N – Baedeker’s Alps: Echoes From Villages, Valleys and Vistas [2021]

Following PYRE:NUMEN’s lead from last week, MONS:NUMEN presents a series of period-specific echoes, this time from the late 19th century/early 20th century Alps, inspired by the wonderful guidebooks of Karl Baedeker which provide an exhaustive list of villages, peaks, paths and views for the traveller to enjoy. Sadly it is extremely probable that several of these villages no longer exist, lost to the onslaught of modernity and the call of the cities. So, let these be a tribute to them and to this preeminent period of Alpinism and Ethnography, inspired by Baedekers guides. These echoes are primarily driven by samples of festivals, songs, rural lives and nature from across the Alps, may they bring a happy tear of nostalgia to your eyes!

P Y R E : N U M E N – La Mélancolie De Perceval [EP] [2021]

The ‘Knight-wave’ trilogy begins! Over three weeks, beginning today with ‘La Mélancolie De Perceval’, PYRE:NUMEN presents three EP’s based on a Templar and Grail themes, wrapped in a mixture of cold-wave, minimal romantic electronics. Knight-Wave is here, romance & reverb!

P Y R E : N U M E N – L’Amour de Lancelot [EP] [2021]

PYRE:NUMEN’s Knight-Wave saga continues, this time with a more romantic turn towards the loves and losses of Lancelot! Undulating synths, shuddering rhythms and amorous samples – as ever, romance and reverb!

P Y R E : N U M E N – [Mid]Knight Templar [EP] [2021]

Hard on the heels of t Autumnal Equinox, the Knight-Wave trilogy comes to an end with ‘[Mid]Knight Templar’, which presents a combination of up-tempo militaristic melodies and dream-like encounters in the chapel, bringing you confrontation and contemplation in the realm of Reverb & Romance!

B R Y T H O : N U M E NNo Parish But Albion: The Vagabond Trust [1987]

The world of ‘Para-Albion’ returns with ‘BRYTHO:NUMEN Presents – No Parish But Albion: The Vagabond Trust [1987]’. Within the Gamekeeper’s Cottage of Upper Aylebury [Hampshire] a box was discovered in 1997, upon its scheduled demolition. Inside lay a cassette recording and a manuscript, both pertaining to the secretive world of ‘The Vagabond Trust’, a network of vagrant wanderers and their supporters the length and breadth of Britain. The recordings contain tales and interviews recounted by some members set to music, whereas the manuscript tells the story of Henry St. John Tarbridge and his entry into the trust, as well as a history of the organisation and some of its practises/secrets. Will you take the wanderer’s path? On this freedom road, there are no barriers, and no parish but Albion will hold you.

M O N S : N U M E N – Pamirs Vol. II [Poi Mihra] [2021]

MONS:NUMEN takes a trip back to the mighty Pamirs, also known as ‘Poi Mihra’, the ‘foot of the sun’. Presented are a range of folk songs and sounds from across this mountain range, along parts of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and even parts of China, blended and chopped to conjure once again this region filled with archaic traditions, mysterious roots and remote fortresses. Also included in this download is a copy of Danish explorer Ole Olufsen’s, ‘Through the Unknown Pamirs – The Second Danish Pamir Expedition 1898- 99’ (London- William Heinmann, 1904) which provides some fascinating descriptions of the landscapes and peoples of the Pamirs in the late 19th century.


This week MONS:NUMEN takes you north, to the island sometimes known as Thule – Iceland! A mixture of crystaline ambient, medieval drones, rumbling drums, folk chants and folktales accompany you on this journey into the realm of ice and fire, to conjure a land of Norse myth and pristine nature. A ‘Töfraland’ (magic land) indeed! Included in the download is a scan of Magnusson & Powell’s enormous tome, ‘Icelandic Legends’ (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1866) which should give you plenty of inspiration whilst listening.

M O N S : N U M E N – Chants et Contes de Savoie [2021]

This week MONS:NUMEN takes you somewhere very special, a location which first sparked my interest in the mountains many years ago: the Savoie region! A mixture of Savoyard tales, folk songs, cattle processions and the majestic beauty of this Alpine area are presented, alongside a scan of James Forbes’ ‘Travels Through the Alps’ (London: Adam and Charles Black, 1900), which provides some delightful descriptions of the Savoie and other areas across the French and Swiss Alps.

B R Y T H O : N U M E N – The Samhain Collection: ‘Deofol Mutters Above Reversed Autumn Forests& ‘CoHC Samhain Installation’ [2021]

In honour of Samhain, two BRYTHO:NUMEN creations are offered, both very different.

The first, ‘Deofol Mutters Above Reversed Autumn Forests’ both summons the ominous presence in the English forest which lurks on All Hallows Eve, and also explores aspects of demonic folklore in the British Isles as noted by folkorist Ralph Whitlock. Eerie, lurking fear between the boughs as Deofol walks the land.

The second, ‘CoHC Samhain Installation’ is a specially commissioned piece designed to accompany a film created by the Wyrd Isle Collective, which will be shown only at the Companie of the Hidden Crone’s Samhain celebration, taking place in the West of England. This soundtrack is comprised of original pieces, cut up samples and modulated theft; may it conjure something in your minds…

M O N S : N U M E N – Bitans and Folk Melodies [Gilgit-Baltistan] [2021]

MONS:NUMEN returns for the final in this year’s weekly NUMEN instalments, taking you to the far Hunza Valley, located in Gilgit-Baltistan territory in Kashmir, where indigenous shamanic [‘Bitan’] practises co-exist and meld with later Islamic culture. A haven of gorgeous mountains and pristine lakes which has seen Tibetan, Turkic, Chinese, Persian and Dogra forces try to claim it for their own, with some locals even claiming descent from Alexander the Great’s armies, resulting in an extensive history of Buddhist, Zoroastrian and Islamic cultures laying down their influence on the land. A variety of folk melodies and Bitan field recordings weave together to whisk you off to this region. Also included is the article ‘”Malang”, Sufis, and Mystics- An Ethnographic and Historical Study of Shamanism in Afghanistan’ by M. Sidky (Asian Folklore Studies, Vol. 49, No. 2, 1990) which gives some key insights into this aspect.

P Y R E : N U M E N – Heavy Gyre: Archive Recordings 1971 [2021]

Herbert Bunter returns for his final chapter! PYRE:NUMEN presents: ‘Heavy Gyre: Archive Recordings 1971’.

‘Recently a letter arrived at the Perennial Pyrenees HQ from Terrence du Bouley, singer of Uncle Clegg’s Tuck shop in which Herbert Bunter played organ and other keys. According to the letter, the band reformed in early 1971 under a new name, ‘Heavy Gyre’, to record two short albums in the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside. Having become immersed in the works of Coven, Atomic Rooster and others, the band decided to follow this darker route with ‘Light the Candle!’ and a spontaneous recording of heavy psyche ‘Under Cosmic Eaves’. Both were put to tape in Tin Drum Studios in the Cotswolds, and would be the only archive of the band’s new material. After the studio closed in 1972 following failed mortgage repayments and with the death of Herbert in the previous year, the band delayed sending the master tapes to record companies, only to fail to find a home for them in years to come. Now they are finally available, conjuring the spirit of the age and more besides. Included in the download is the letter from Terrence du Bouley accompanying the recordings. With these songs, the story of Herbert Bunter is finally laid to rest!’

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